Preparing bone graft material & Cutting non-resorbable membrane to proper size
Preparing site for bone graft & Cytoplast membrane placed on palate
Placing graft material using bone carrier (syringe) & Packing bone graft material
Gently putting membrane into place before suturing & Evaluating membrane and tissue


"I recently attended Dr. Oppenheimer's mini-implant 2-day course after getting tired of saying "no" to my patients when they asked if I could make their dentures more stable. It sounds funny when you say it like that, but we have all said no to patients in our practices. Dr. Oppenheimer presented the course in an engaging and logical manner. Upon leaving the course, I felt very comfortable both talking to my patients about their options for denture stabilization - and a few others I didn't even know about -, and doing something to help them function better with removable prosthetics. Hands-on exercises are part of each day's agenda, and attendees are able to get the feel of the instruments and techniques discussed in class. On a more personal note, this course made me realize that placing dental implants does not have to be the often intimidating procedure we have in our minds. So much so, that I signed up for an intensive 1-week hands-on surgical course to place conventional implants in my practice. The technique is very much the same as the minis."
- Andres F. Gamboa, DDS Greenville, NC

"Dr. Ben Oppenheimer is an outstanding mini dental implant instructor. This was the third course that I have taken from him and they get better and better. Always new and relevant information presented in a realistic and understandable fashion. His knowledge of the subject is extensive and his documentation precise. I would highly recommend his courses for both the beginner and experienced implant dentist."
- Jerry Corcoran, DDS DeForest, WI

"Highly recommended even for experienced implantologists. This course was a good balance between mini and full sized implants. Ben is conscientious; his photography is excellent and his recommendations are based on documented studies. I have been placing and restoring implants since 1978. I have placed about 1000 conventional and 1000 mini implants."
- Jeffrey S. Miller, DDS, PC Mesa, AZ

"Great job on the course and you are an absolute master of your craft. I can only hope to push the limits of implant dentistry that you have done. You inspire me to push my own limits."
- Mark Malterud, DDS Minneapolis, MN

"I attended the course at Orange County and really got a lot out of it. I had taken Gordon’s course in August in Provo but I got more out of your course."
-Thank you, A. Blaine Brimley DDS

"Thank you for the fabulous course today. I have attended many implant courses... From 1977 (Dr Leonard I. Linkow), 1982 (Dr Paul Homoly)...1998 (Dr. Norman Cranin), 1999 to 2005 (Carl Misch)... et cetera. The seven hours of the Imtec course in Charlotte today was the most comprehensive course I have attended. The amount of material covered was astronomical. Thanks again to both of you for the presentation and for the time you both spent answering questions."
- Best regards, Ron Perlow DDS

"Dr. Oppenheimer tells you how to do it … not just what to do. He made me conversational about grafting and membranes in no time, as opposed to empty facts I had gotten previously from other presenters."
- Larry J. Rush, DDS Colorado Springs, Colorado

"The one day course was full of great content. Your "Good Ol' Boy" demeanor and delivery works for me. I don't like the "full of themselves" gurus. Everything was appropriate for those of us who can do surgeries, but are relatively new, or new, to placing implants. If we are going to restore them, then learning to place them saves a lot of headaches in dealing with surgeons & periodontists, who are not that concerned about our difficulties in building upon misconceived implant placements. I cannot think of anything to improve your course. Even though I never took a Level 1 course, everything seemed appropriate. I did order the start-up kit plus some 2.9's to get started."
-Many thanks. Dr. Paul G.

"I loved the seminar!! Got some good tips, like tissue punch to create more life like crown."
- Dr. Wendy M.

"I've seldom in my 37 years as a dentist, found someone as gracious, genuine and sincere as you in the presentation and passion you showed in the course you gave. Thank you for giving me valuable things to think of and I will continue to try and grow and develop and become a better dentist and provider of the things dentistry has to offer. Thank you for being part of that process."
- Dr. Jerry H.

"Dr. Oppenheimer is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner who has extensive experience with mini-implants and the Imtec System. His course in 'The Advanced Use of Mini-Implants' is excellent for those interested in extending the scope of their practices. His experience in the placement and restoration of Imtec Implants should help dispel any prejudices against using this type of system for their patients to help case acceptance for implant dentistry."
- George A. Hurwitz, DDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

“I just returned home from Orlando after attending Dr. Oppenheimer's advanced min-implant course. I was very impressed with the practicality and relevance of the course content. Dr. Ben's presentation was upbeat and enjoyable and I will definitely recommend his courses to my colleagues. Please pass along my compliments to Dr. Ben for sharing his experience and knowledge about mini-implants in particular and the current state of implant dentistry in general.” - John Amburgey DDS Spanish Fort, AL

“Excellent course. It's the second course I have taken with Dr. Ben and plan on taking more. Every time I learn a lot of new things. I strongly recommend his seminars.” - Thank you, Olga Khevsurishvili, DMD

“What a great seminar! Powerful and extremely informative. Lots of practical and useful information that I did not get from prior mini implant courses. This information benefited me immediately on Monday. Your style of presentation is excellent, and I would place you among the top three or four of the best seminars and presenters that I have heard. Although this was an advanced course, I think it would definitely benefit a dentist just beginning with dental implants. Thanks for the great weekend.” - Marc A. Sander, DDS Avon Park, FL

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